Mike Klos of Welled Lake, MI
“Dear Gino and Vilma,
I just wanted to let you know that we are extremely pleased with the pool you had installed in the spring of 2008. My wife and I were enjoying the sun last Saturday and agreed that this was a great investment. We recounted our expectations when we purchased the pool and realized it has exceeded them all. Everything still looks as good as the day it was installed. The concrete is still perfect. All of the fittings and liner are as good as new.

Another thing we confirmed is that the filtration technology we bought is the best. We have a friend from church who bought a pool at the same time we did. He got the old technology with the filter that needs to have diatomaceous earth removed and added weekly. They’ve had to add chemicals almost daily. I can honestly say our pool has been almost maintenance free for both summers. All I do is back flush the filter for about a minute each week. We check for chemistry once and a while and it has always stayed perfect. Our friend with the old style system wishes he went with our technology. I can’t tell you how happy I am we went with the salt conversion system!

But let me tell you what is the most satisfying. You know I was probably the fussiest customer you’ve ever had. I worry about things like getting my money’s worth and such. A lot of our neighbors and friends stayed home this summer and we re-connected with a lot of them because of our pool. Our kids were able to host a lot of their friends too. I came to understand that being surrounded by friends and staying close to my family around a pool is money well spent. I would do it again in a heartbeat.”

Ted Parent
As my family and I are approaching our 3rd season with our lakeside Pool, I wanted to let you know how happy we still are with our decision to purchase our in-ground pool from your company! After researching many different pool company’s we selected Lakeside because of a referral from an acquaintance of ours. This referral gave family the peace of mind knowing that we were working with a professional who not only had expertise at building pools but also had the personal integrity to deliver what was promised. We also enjoy our stamped concrete patio that you built for us too.

If there is any client that would care to see our pool, please contact me and hopefully I can be that referral for someone else. I would highly recommend that they purchase the salt water chlorine converter. This eliminates the need for adding liquid chlorine and along with the auto-vacuum we have virtually a maintenance free pool system!

Thanks again and we will see you when you open our pool this spring!”

The Lariviere family
“We would like to thank you for the awesome pool that you planned and installed for us last summer. We had been told by two of your previous customers that you build a great pool and they were right. We in return have no problem referring your company to friends, family, and any other potential customer.

We were also happy to here the city of Walled lake building inspector say that you are a stand up company and that you build a great pool. The pool looks great and you finished in a decent amount of time. Overall we are very satisfied with the pool and the quality of the product. We would also like to thank you for answering the questions that came up last summer. We can’t wait to open the pool and have another great summer. The pool has brought our family and friends closer. Thank you, The Lariviere’s

P.S Anytime you need to show the pool feel free, it does look great!”

Dave Duggan of Canton
“It was great having the owner of the company working in your own backyard. I definitely received the utmost care and quality workmanship for my pool installation!”

Mrs. Kurner of Macomb
“Excellence perfected by a complete professional! Thank you Gino for giving my family a lifetime vacation in our backyard!”

Mr. & Mrs. Hammer of Macomb
“If your looking for a dependable pool installer, look no more! Lakeside Pools is your Man! Thank you for going the extra mile for us!”

Brian Paprocki of Macomb
“Thanks Lakeside for all your hard work and dedication to a job well done! Gino gave my kids their summer dream vacation of a lifetime!”

Scott Freckleton of Warren
“Thanks Gino, for all the love and care you put into our pool. You style is an ‘A’ plus!”

Kevin Diaz of Walled Lake
“This is the company you can trust, for top rated workmanship and affordable pricing.”

John Giannotta of Shelby Township
“Amazing!! I’d recommend this company to anyone looking for a man who definatley puts out the best!”

Steve and Cathy Jacobi of Clarkston, Michigan
“Incredible work done by a great man and his crew! My ‘backyard escape’ is our summer dream thanks to Gino!”

Armand and Darlene Lecomte of Clinton Township Hard work is certainly hard to come by, but this man is beyond his expertise. With all of our weather mishaps, Gino put in over his 100% for my family and I. Thanks for a job well done.

Laura Robinson of Macomb
“A man of his word. Thank you for the fine workmanship you gave from start to finish. We are very happy we chose Lakeside!”

Bruce Lee of Windsor, Ontario
”It has been over a year since you completed the backyard in our new home, and I wanted to thank you. The pool installation and patio work in perfect. It takes a year to tell how good of a job you get when it comes to cement work. Nothing has cracked or moved and the concrete itself is still as white as ever. It was great to have a contractor show up on time, show up every say and finish the job completely as scheduled.

You had many great ideas and I am glad I listened to your suggestions. The extra reinforcement, stone and compacting has been well worth the small amount that you changed. We will be in contact in the spring to design the driveway and side walks.”

Kristen & Keith Felty of Canton.
When searching for a pool installer we anticipated for the best… Gino and his crew fulfilled more than the norm… his words of promises were met beyond our expectations… a dependable man with care in his workmanship.

Johnny Nikollaj of Royal Oak.
This is definitely a company you can intrust…with an on hands owner, Gino, physically putting in the work himself comes natural… great job!!!

Grace & Salvatore Argentino of Chesterfield.
You won’t be disappointed with Gino and his crew…this is a man of his word… impeccable reliance and a hard working crew is what you’ll receive.

Todd & Julie Galasso of Macomb.
It’s nice to see a company dedicated to full customer satisfaction… Gino and his crew put out the utmost in their talent and skills to perfect our pool… thank-you for all that you gave our family!!!

Carol Ewing - Co-Chair, Tribute Committee, Detroit Michigan

Dear Gino,

On behalf of my committee and everyone who worked on this year’s Cattle Baron’s Ball, please accept our giant thanks for your generosity in once again allowing us to use your demo pool to create a magical place of serenity and calm, known as the Tribute area. Many people stopped by to light a candle and float it on our oasis “pond” to remember a loved one or friend – either a survivor, someone who is fighting cancer right now or someone who has passed on. You should know that many people were moved to tears and it really was very important to be involved with something so personal… and so special.

You should also be very proud to know that at the event, over 2 million dollars was raised for cancer research and also for college scholarships for teenage cancer survivors so that they can continue their education.

The American Cancer Society is the nation’s leading voluntary health organization dedicated to eliminating cancer, which, as you ma y know, is the number one health concern among Americans and Canadians today. Working together, this event has the potential to significantly impact a disease which plagues the lives of so many of our friends, family members and co-workers each year.

You can be very proud of your involvement

I know that when Erin Genovese sends you her thank you letter, she will include the program and business directory in which Lakeside Pools and Concrete is listed. This was distributed to the 1400 people who attended the event. And while I can’t promise you a direct connection that will lead to increased business, your name will be associated with the leaders in our community and seen by many influential people in the business and health fields in the metropolitan Detroit.

With warm regards and thanks.