To the left is a side profile of our pool structure at in-ground level. As every home should have a solid concrete footing, our pools follow the same concept. With climatic temperatures being a major factor in our area, it is important to build a solid foundation.

Our pools have two braces that are concreted into the footings; ( 7 yards of concrete ) one to hold the walls straight, and one to support the concrete decks. These supports are installed every three feet or less. As shown in the diagram, we cement our pipes in the footing. This makes them 45” in the ground, bringing them below our winter frost line. It also stops them from vibrating in the ground. This prevents any wear and tear on the pipes, and also prevents leaks. We use 14 gauge galvanized steel walls. Which are engineered and preformed for every section of the pool. Our braces are 12 gauge galvanized. Lower the guage to thicken the steel. As mentioned before, these braces are put in every three
feet or less. This is how we can guarantee our concrete deck will not sink. Backfill of sand.

We pour our own concrete decks
with no sub-trades.

When the deck is being poured, we reinforce it with ½ inch rebar around the perimeter of the pool twice. This is so it all holds together and does not slide away. Our walls are 42” and our coping is 3”. We use aluminum coping so it won’t crack in our winter climate and will not distort in the sun. Our coping has 3 slots; one to hold your liner, and the second to hold the winter cover
(This means no water bags), and the third for perimeter fiber optic lighting. Inside of our pools we create a concrete sler that is called “grout” approx. 3" thick .
Then our 30 mill liner covers the bottom and walls.